Most of the traditional crafts are still preserved by Hajongs. Both bamboo and cane are used for crafting and available in plenty in the villages. People learn a craft under a skilled person at young age.

Hand Fan
Made of bamboo strip.

Two types- one type is smooth on the front side and rough at the back. Another type is rough both at front and back. First a choosen green bamboo is strip thin and weaved.
Made of wood for making flour and for separating the rice from chaff.
Urun gayna
Made of wood for making flour and for separating the rice from chaff.



Made of bamboo strip for keeping vegetables or foods.

A bamboo basket used to sift rice or clean rice by dunking under water.
It is made of bamboo strip and elephant grass and quite large. It is three or three and a half feet tall, and wide is two or two and a half.
Shifting basket
It has large holes for separating the grain and chaff, and rice-corn and chaff.
Winnowing fan
It is used for separating the chaff and dust.
Earthen pitcher for storing drinking water. Height: 17-20 inches; Width: 10-12 inches.
Earthen pitcher with a wide neck for storing water and wine from 1 to 15 kg.
Earthen lamp

Plate-like bark
It is cut from a banana trunk. This is the tradtional craft and widely used for various religious purposes. It is soft and watery and was used to put out fires.

Plate-like bowl
It is cut from a banana trunk. This is the traditional plate for eating food. Now a days it is used only at the time of wedding and worshipping.
Made of bamboo strip. It is used for throwing dust, dirt, cowdung, etc.
It is plucked from broomstick plant and dried before using in order to get rid of the dust of the plant which makes one want to scratch. It is use indoor.
It is made of bamboo and use for sweeping the compound. Now a days coconut leaf is also used. Middle hard part of the leaf is taken out and dried.
Flat stool
It is good to sit and warm yourself near the fire.
It is made of bamboo strip and used for storing fish while fishing. Ii is tied on the hip with the help of a rope.
It is a fishing trap, made of bamboo strip. Mostly women used it to catch fish from paddy fields during monsoon.
It is made of wood and flat bread is made with this.
Bamboo Glass
Earlier Hajong people drink water by cutting a bamboo.


It is used for storing salt. It is made from gourd.

Worship Lamp